Bamboo as Everything

Emman Santos

Tons of high-quality materials to use but bamboo will definitely be the best choice. Become an ecofriendly and creative producer at the same time, using bamboo that can do everything that runs in your mind.

Are you familiar in coconut tree? Most of us know this tree as “The Tree of Life” because even if you get lost in the forest for a long period of time, with just by coconuts, you can and you will survive. The reason is because coconut is a fruit of the coconut palm that consist of coconut juice that serves as our drink, and coconut flesh that serves for our food. But would you believe if I tell you that there’s also a tree, I named the “Tree of Everything” , Nowadays everything that we use on our daily life was created by manufacturing, those materials are made of different things to create another thing that we can use. It sounds like it has a lot of process, right? But what if I tell you again that we can have a single thing that we can use to create not just two things, or even a lot of things, but more than many which is capable of doing everything.

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This article will tackle all you need to know about the Tree of Everything which I’m sure that it is the very first time you may have heard and read about that word. But, how come is it possible to have a tree named like that by me. That tree is actually considered by some people as grass, but for me it is a tree, and that tree is none other than bamboo. Why did I call and named it the tree of everything? The reason is just since then until now, it is known and used to make different things that we can use, or even can be our home. I also see on social media that primitive people use this as an equipment to cook their food, it so so useful for everything, right? You will learn a lot more about bamboo, so keep on reading deeper and deeper, the deeper you read, the more knowledge you will receive. You will also learn some strategies and ways on what else you can do that you might not have thought of using the tree of everything. I’m pretty sure that once you reach the bottom of this article, you will be a part of that “EVERYTHING” that you can apply to your own life and turn things out in your mind into reality, and through that, bamboo will be a part of your success someday and be a responsible person living in an environment.

These are questions that will answer by the information and contexts of this article below:

  • What is bamboo?
  • How strong bamboos are?
  • How we use bamboo?
  • What are those everything that bamboos can make?
  • What are the benefits of using bamboo as everything to everything?
  • Do bamboos are disadvantages to other common material we use?
  • How sustainable bamboo in the future?

Let us start our journey of our knowledge to dive towards to the bottom of this article. Let me give you first what is the meaning of the core of this article, its meaning, origin, and its nature ingredients.


Bamboo is a grass but it is classified as tree depending on its size and height. Bamboo is belonged to a perennial type of a plant which means they are existing for a long apparently time. These types of plant are the ones who’re still continuing to grow and occur over and over again for every age and year. This are also panda’s favorite food with an average height of 12 meters depending on its species. Bamboo is from a plant family known as Poacea, it grows easily and cordially in several varieties. Bamboo is considered as fastest growing wood plants, but they are actually a grass. If you compare the growth time of grass into tress, grass will definitely above the tree on that situation. The three main compositions of bamboo are cellulose, hemicellulose, and lignin. Those compositions are closely related in complex structure. They stand for about 90% total mass of a bamboo. When we talk about the time of reaching the fullest height of this plant, it takes for over three years to reach it. Bamboos are not that compatible to grow on cold climates but there are some varieties of cold hardy bamboo, they can withstand with a temperature of as low as -10° to -20° F. China is the country where bamboo was originated. It is in East Asia of our planet. China is also where bamboos are first used to make Chinese people’s everyday items and equipment. See, even before, bamboos are used to create different things that we use in our daily living. With that, I can already say that bamboo is made to make everything.

The reason why bamboo is so useful as an item and equipment in our daily life is because of its strength. Bamboo can hold a weight of 52,000 pounds. Bamboos are totally strong! It is the best choice of other people to use as their equipment unlike other class of materials. Keep in mind that bamboo is just a spherical long type of plant, it’s just like a giant grass but it can a such a number of weights like that, it is no longer surprising why bamboo considered strong as (or than) to steel, metal, concrete, wood, and many more.


When we compare bamboo to metal, it is like we’re comparing cats to tiger. But don’t judge too quickly, not just because bamboos are just a plant it already means that they’re not strong compared to a metal. Metal composed of elements such as iron, tin, copper, and aluminum which sounds like it is stronger compared to bamboo, but when we talk about the tensile strength of this two, bamboo is winning. Bamboo has much more tensile strength, it means that it can stand more tension and stretching pressure before breaking, but hold on, bamboo can take up a weight for over a 52,000 pounds depending on its size, duration, and age. The reason why bamboos are strong is because of its nature ingredients and composition that helps to become it more flexible, tensile, and strong. Those ingredients and compositions are already mentioned earlier but this time let me tell you what’s the purpose and characteristics of each of them on how come they’re stronger to metal.

These are the 3 three main compositions of bamboo:

1. Cellulose

  • This composition is a tough, fibrous (meaning they are separated into fiber that supports stems and roots), and water-insoluble polysaccharide. Cellulose has a high tensile strength because it has firm (solid) hydrogen bond between the individual chains in cellulose microfibrils which is the number one reason why it is stronger than metal. Because of this structure, bamboos are more flexible and not that easy to break even it carry a heavy number of weights.
  • It is water-insoluble, meaning they’re incapable of being dissolved that easily.
  • Serves an important role in keeping the structures of plant cell walls together and in stable stage and gives rigidity to the plant cells. It is important because it helps every cell to maintain their shape of plant and tolerate tumescence (tensioned) pressure

2. Hemicelluloses

  • Hemicelluloses (also known as polyose) functions the strengthening of cell wall by interacting with cellulose and with some walls with lignin. Unlike cellulose (main component), hemicelluloses present with cellulose, meaning they’re bonded together to function within the plant.
  • This composition requires to produce paper and ethanol.
  • Hemicelluloses consist of other components which are xylopyranose and arabinofuranosyl but on cellulose, it has no other components because cellulose is the main component and hemicelluloses belong to it.

3. Lignin

  • Stand as an important role for plants, it provides structural support for the upper part growth of plants, and it enables water to travel and transport in long-distance within the plant. This helps plants to adjust plants from aquatic type to terrestrial environment.
  • Lignin provides structural strength to the tissue and fiber of plants, and just like the two compositions above, it improves the rigidity of the cell wall to maintain the flexibility of the bamboo.
  • It gives the ability of the plant to become waterproof its cells. In additional, it also adds strength and stiffness to the plant cell wall.

Each composition mentioned above has a contribution in providing of tensile strength to bamboo. Actually, there’s more components for each composition but those mentioned are the main and responsible to that stage. Also, the number one reason why bamboo is stronger than metal is because for every composition mentioned above, yes, they have different function, but they also have the same function, and that function is they’re all tightening each molecular structure. In real life, that tightening of molecular structure is like stepping and trampling hard using our feet on the trashes in the trash can so that we can put more trashes to it, and what happens in the trampled trash is they will lose its space inside, and they will get crowded together, that’s why it become stronger and stronger that even metal didn’t have it. That’s why, it is truly shown that bamboo is stronger than metal. Not all hard are strong, others are tensile, flexible, and durable, and that is none other than bamboo.

You just finished the first part!!!

I hope you learned what bamboo really is. I’m pretty sure that you have learned every characteristic of bamboo that even your naked eye cannot see. Bamboo is so strong in so many ways. Each composition that consists of bamboo have a large benefit and purpose to it. Those compositions built its strength, flexibility, tensile, growth, and its capability to adapt on its environment.

Keep on reading! Below, we will proceed to the very very best part of this article, we already finished to give you knowledge and describe the deeper meaning about the “Tree (or grass) of Everything”. This article’s next move is to describe on how we use bamboo, and we will elaborate on what is inside the word “Everything” that can be made with bamboo. I think you have things in your house that is made with bamboo, try to look around and let see if it will be mentioned on the contexts below.

I also mentioned before that when bamboo was first discovered, it is already used to make items that Chinese people use in their everyday living. We will go to our present age and elaborate all different things that’s new and things that we still used even before that is made with bamboo. Imagine that! Bamboo is truly existed to be everything.

Let see what those things people are used before are made up of bamboos and what are the new things in these present ages are still made up of bamboo. You won’t regret continuing reading this because this is also the article of knowledge about the tree of everything.

How people use Bamboo?

Until now, there are still people who choose to use bamboo as material of the thing that they’re going to make. This is not surprising because bamboo is truly strong, I also described to you why bamboo is stronger than metal that’s why people will still choose bamboo as their material repeatedly.

In this part, you will understand also on how bamboos evolved overtime as it being used by people in so many ways. Bamboos are not rare; they are easy to grow, and it can adapt to different climate places. In fact, they have an average to grow for like three feet a day depending on its age. Young bamboos grow faster compared to aged bamboos, once they reach their final height they will still grow, but when the temperature is cold, it goes slow.

Below is the evolution on how people use bamboo starting from its discovery until today:

As we people needs livestock and equipment for our living, we strive to find a way like inventing things, evolving the already existed, and use different thing around us as a material to fulfill our needs. What I want to say is bamboo didn’t evolve like on the theory of Charles Darwin, bamboo still the same since it was discovered. But I can say that bamboos evolved too, not by them self but with people, because we are the ones who think to discover things, and because of the good characteristics and qualities of bamboo, it almost stands as our number choice as a material, we’re just like pandas because bamboo is become our favorite.

Uses of Bamboo Before

Bamboo was discovered in China, and the first people to use bamboo are Chinese people, they use it in different ways to survive. It was also a long history to them, that’s why, bamboo became a part of their culture and creations.

Below are those uses of bamboo on the early ages:

  1. For cooking: Bamboo can be used to cook food as long as you have fire. Bamboo does not like wood that can become ash when it burns to fire, bamboo can resist because bamboo is strong and durable, and it is also biodegradable. Bamboos are fire resistant because it contains high percentage of silica content up to 400 degrees, that’s why people before use it as utensil for cooking just like casserole, cauldron, kettle, and glass
  2. Food: Bamboo’s shoots/sprouts is edible, it is also considered as rich in protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and fibers. It is also used as ingredient in some meal in Asia. Bamboos really have a lot of uses, if ever you’re working with something using bamboo, you can rest for a while and eat its sprout. Saves money, makes your tummy happy, and keeps you healthy.
  3. Weapon for Hunting: Before our new era came, it was really a struggle for the people before to find something for them to eat. Bamboos are used before as weapon for hunting, it was useful during that time because bamboo is good in that. The reason is because bamboos have versatile texture, it is also light and flexible. Using bamboo, they make bows, improvised gun, slingshots, and many more. Still, bamboo helped them to find their food to solve their hunger.
  4. Building Houses: Bamboo poles are used before to create houses. Its poles can last up to 5o years with a proper care and protection. Because of bamboos durability and light quality, people before can easily move their house wherever they want, it also lasts for over on so many decades. Nowadays houses are all made up of concrete, but before concrete, bamboo is the most used and popular, bamboos are also stronger than concrete when it comes to tensile strength, it doesn’t need any type of mixture and bamboo is really so strong compared to anything.
  5. Instruments: Throughout the invention of different instrument before, majority of those instruments are made with bamboo. Some examples of those instruments are dizi (bamboo flute), xylophone, drumsticks, trumpets, clarinets, and different wood sound percussion and aerophone instruments. Those instruments also are firstly made in China which is the country where bamboo was discovered. Since on the beginning of the discovery of bamboo, it is already useful in creating different things, and the word I say everything.

I can say that bamboo really dominated the past for so many ways. It helps our fellow people in early age on their life. Bamboo makes their house strong and last for a long period of time, bamboos helped them to find their food to solve their hunger, bamboo becomes our/their food because of its sprout and shoots that are edible and have a lot of nutrition, and bamboo becomes the main material to our favorite hobbies today, nothing else the playing of different classes of instruments whether it is aerophone, percussion, and so on.

We just finished our journey to past and we’re done looking back to those uses of bamboos before. The next following part will focus on how we use bamboo in this 21st century era. It was a long time passed but I’m so thankful that I can still see bamboo everywhere, I also having a lot of idea on what else I can do using bamboo that will also help my daily living, I like inventing and do DIY things using nature material and I cannot wait to have a bamboo on my hand. It was a lot of gratitude to those people who take care of them and increase its number over the time.

How people use bamboo today

As the day passed, bamboo-made object increases its number more and more. We people always find an idea to turn bamboo in to such so many things. For this part, I will give you different types of items and activities on how we people in this new era use bamboo.

Different items and activities on how we use bamboo today:

  1. Clothing: Bamboo have fiber and that is used to create high quality of fabric for clothing. Bamboo fibers are softer than silk, that’s why it is a good material to use in making clothes that we wear. Having a cloth that has a soft fiber feels so comfortable to our body. Bamboo fiber cannot be only use to our wearing, because there are also towels, bathrobes, sanitary napkins, and mask that has a fiber of bamboo. Although most of the time we can’t notice that it is bamboo but still it gives the best quality for us.
  2. Beauty Products: Skin cares and other beauty product are now having a bamboo with it. Bamboo powder area now mixed on different products for some beneficial purpose. For example, skin aids consist of bamboo sap that use to enhance, strengthens, and makes our skin smooth. In this case, bamboo can be also use for smoothening and strengthening properties to our skins.
  3. Modern Utensil Products: When pandemic enters our life, tons of boutique store are opened in different places. Just like this All About Bamboo, they also sell different bamboo-made items. We can’t say no to the items made with bamboo, right? Because it is really eye catching, adorable, and you can really see the creativeness of different items made in bamboo. Also, bamboo’s good quality caught businessman’s interest to choose bamboo as their visual and material for their product to create everything they want.
  4. Building and Constructing: Modern use of bamboo in buildings was in today now. Different furniture, house parts, and larger homes are built using bamboo. I also see a construction site where they use bamboo as scaffolding that hold a lot of workers. That is because bamboo is responsible for carrying heavy weight objects. Using its durability and tensile strength, we can stand up on it without any worries. Also, it is so useful now even in making modern houses because bamboo looks so satisfying and gives enthusiasm to people because of its texture and color, plus adding protection and enhancing its appearance will give more satisfactory to its owner.
  5. Decoration: By crafting bamboo, we can turn it to different variety of decorations. Bamboo can be picture frame, divider, floor design, vases, and everything you can see around you can do with bamboo. Also, seeing bamboo as a decoration in our us remind us the symbolism of this plant to stand upright, learn to bow to people even how high we’re to people, and use its flexibility (which is our dedication and skills) in real life that no matter how strong the wind is, we will just bend ourself and go back again to its normal position and repeat it again for the possible circumstances that may come again to our life.

In addition, those things and items that have mentioned on the early age are still in this new era. It is still in our environment and still use by the 21st Century people. However, we’re still using it as the day passed by because we’re satisfied, and we preferred bamboo the most. Bamboo is an all-around tree that we can use in so many ways, no regret and saves budget.

Famous things and structures made with bamboo

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Keep on reading! We just finished elaborating all things that people did before and doing now using bamboo. We also finished giving different famous items and structure that is made with bamboo. This is the third part of the article which explain all the benefits of using bamboo as everything. Benefits that many fields will be covered and be included, not just the benefits on environment as where the bamboo live. We will go deeper to those beneficial things that bamboo can brought.

Benefits of using bamboo as everything:

To the fact that bamboo is stronger than metal, we prefer to use it more rather than the materials that can be harmful to our environment and costly to our pocket. And that is such a good thing not just to us but also to our environment. We can avoid bringing sequences that many people can harm, we save our environment more, and we become more idealistic and creative which develop us to be a skilled person.

Below are the benefits of using the tree of everything as a material in creating everything:

  1. To human
    • People in Environment: Doing good things to our environment helps environment to also do good things to us. In short, the way how we treat our environment will be the way on how it will treat us. Choosing an ecofriendly ingredient for our product like bamboo that gives so many benefits not just to us but also to environment will be the best choice that we can make.
    • Entrepreneurs: Bamboo can have a socio-economic benefit to entrepreneurs. Bamboo-craft type of business unites entrepreneurs and business owner that also have that kind of business. Bamboo products is also easily to introduce to people with the use of network. They don’t need to spend money to advertise their business but with the use of network and internet, it made advertising easily for them.
    • Users of Bamboo-made objects: One of the reasons why people most prefer bamboo is because it is strong. Using bamboo for crafting and in making product ensure that the product itself has also the quality of what bamboo have. By that, the people that will going to buy the bamboo-made product will get satisfied because of the amazing quality that a bamboo product have. Majority of the bamboo product are not that expensive, it makes the customer get interested to buy your product, aside from low cost, it is also worth buying.
  2. To the bamboo-made objects
    • Durable: Using bamboo to your product will incredibly makes it strong and durable. Customers always choose products that can last for a long time, and as a starting producer, bamboo will be the step one for your product to be chosen by many customers. Bamboo poles have a good quality, and what if it’s what you’re going to use to make different products, it is a hundred percent that it will become dominating to the market.
    • Material is everywhere: Having your material to your product that is everywhere is an advantage to other products. Aside from it is easy to have bamboo, it doesn’t also take a lot of time making your product because the source of your material is just nearby and doesn’t need to fly above the ocean.
    • Tensile and Stable: Bamboo as your product’s material or even a bamboo house can withstand rains, global warming, and climate changes. Bamboos are tensile which means that it is light weight, but it won’t break easily, and it can survive even the most severe weather conditions.
  3. To passion
    • Bunch of objects to make: Having ideas is where the success starts, and with bamboo, is where your success will start too. Bamboo can use to make everything you can think of and because of that, you can make different objects that is on our trend and demand, and with that, many people may patronize and needs your product even more especially nowadays that different things that bamboos can make are being trending on market and in different parts of the world.
    • Everything is possible: With bamboo, everything is possible, not just on every thingness it we can make through it but also to our success if bamboo is in our side. That’s why I named this tree (actually a grass) the tree of everything. It can just make products, but it can also be the key to our success. Whatever constraints will come as long as we have bamboo as the main material in our product that runs our business, we can rise like the sprouting of bamboos.
    • Traditional: Bamboo symbolize the oriental of beauty, it represents a lot of things like loyalty, modesty, and resistance. Bamboo made products can be catchier to the believers of that belief. Bamboo made objects are also eye-catching, the first thing is its color, it has a shiny and natural color that attracts us and the buyers. Second is the thing it symbolize. That belief is from China and if you’re planning to see your product in China, you can just put and sell it to online markets so that they will buy for sure especially if your product are objects that is useful in that country. And last is bamboo itself is traditional, it is simple and local but unlike other modern materials, bamboo contains characteristics that other materials don’t have.
  4. To the environment
    • Reduces Pollution: Bamboo is a hygienic and it is safe to use as your material for products. Bamboo products can be biodegradable faster than other ingredients materials that we use. Bamboo trees reduce carbon dioxide up to 35%, it helps to decrease the chance of increasing the hotness of temperature that can cause global warming. As what I said before, making bamboo products doesn’t require industrial process which where the air pollution starts because of some process and materials that is harmful in our environment.
    • Prevents Soil Erosion: Even if bamboos are cut down, its roots remain on the ground and it will continuous to sprout more bamboo poles again. Unlike cutting trees that can absolutely damage the soil and weakens its resilience that can cause landslides and tragedy. Bamboos have both effect on both environment and to people, and bamboo is good in soil and for everything.
    • Gives oxygen: The average oxygen that bamboo generates per year is 300kg, which is enough for a single person in each year. Based on the study, bamboo produces more than 35% more oxygen than tress, that’s why bamboo is a great weapon to help us reduce greenhouse gas that makes our temperature to rise.
  5. In the pocket/costing
    • Low-cost Expenses: Bamboo is considered as an emerging source of raw materials for building products. Bamboos are also fast growing, and it distributed widely that’s why they are everywhere and not that hard to find that results bamboo to be inexpensive. If you ever desire to build a product, you always need to consider the low-cost material that you’re going to buy and used in building. Through that, you can save it in other expenses like in buying bamboo protection, infestations, and for color cosmetics.
    • Saves money & Environment: It’s not just money that you can save by using bamboo, but also the environment, since you choose bamboo, there’s no reason for you to go on materials that can harm our environment and materials that are too expensive in our pocket. Being an economical plus ecofriendly plus a wise buyer is a good thing, you’re making your path without harming anyone and that is by just choosing bamboo as your material.
    • Support Local: Buying bamboo from other countries and exporting it here doesn’t require if we’re going to choose bamboo. Although, bamboo was discovered in China but here in Philippines, bamboo is almost everywhere. Here in Philippines, we have 62 species of bamboo which is not a bad thing. Also, if we’re going to choose and take bamboos in our own country, we’re also supporting our local sellers at the same time. Unlike from other country which may cause bamboo to be unstable and lose its quality, beauty, and durability because it is a long way and time before it will brought to our country.
  6. To our planet/nature
    • No industrial process, no chemical needed: Industrial process is a common way to produce our needs in life. Well, industrial process requires chemical to use in their manufacturing that can cause on many problems. Chemical products produced made using toxic elements and unwell processes, it can both harm our health and our environment. Manufactured products that came in industrial processes are also costly. With bamboo, there’s no industrial processes happen. You can make different products on your own or with your fellows without any chemical requirements and harmful processes. Through that, we can reduce the risk of damaging our environment and harming people’s health.
    • Less Electric Consumption: Having minimal consumption of electric and energy power reduce the GHG or the Green House Gas release. Reducing GHG can improve our air, saves earth and people, and is an economical way to produce product. Using bamboo as material doesn’t require that much energy and electric transmission. Using simple processes, you can make anything you want without the need of energy and electric consumption. It is so economical and eco-friendly process.
    • Be a responsible nature’s friend: We people are the one who’s responsible on what we will do around our environment. The possible result of our doings and decision can affect our environment recklessly, first is ourselves, and because of that, many people can affect on the changes of our environment because this is where we live. Being a responsible person that lives in this planet is so important, we need to treat our nature on the way how it treats us. Always think of a way that won’t harm our environment and at the same time, that won’t harm ourselves. Using nature things like bamboo as our material is so traditional and economical way. Instead of using modern ingredients but can brought harm to us, what if we prefer the traditional but economical and good for our environment?

It’s a WOW for me!! Bamboo is truly helpful and useful in so many things and for everything, it also proven above that is has a lot of benefits to human, environment, pocket, and to our passion. How’s your knowledge right now, you’re almost at the bottom part of this article. Just don’t remember what I said earlier that the more you go deeper in this article, the more knowledge you will get.

I just want to share with you guys that this is my first article to make. Honestly, I didn’t make it in my own. I used other information in different articles too to have an idea on what I’m going to tackle. I hope you guys are learning on the article that I created, it’s my pleasure to share my knowledge and understanding to people.

Keep on reading! We will now proceed to the advantage of bamboo to other materials that we’re commonly use, some are for manufacturing, crafting, and producing different objects. We will also prove why bamboo is the best choice above all the modern ingredients right now.

Bamboo’s advantages to other material ingredients:

Related Question: What are the advantages that bamboo has to other materials?

Bamboo vs plastic materials

Different equipment and product are actually starts made in plastic before, but now, bamboo is used for these equipment and product, making plastic made equipment to replace with bamboo.

Bamboo-made equipment especially for cooking like cutting boards, spoon, fork, and many more are more sanitary than plastics which means it is hygienic and healthy for us.

✓ Making plastic product needs a number process and requires a lot of energies. Bamboo only consumes minimal energy, sometimes it does not, it depends on the product that is made.

✓ Plastic waste in making an item can be destructive to marine’s life and to our environment, it took almost 400 years for plastic to dissolve in water. Bamboo can be made into fuel for cooking or in transportation, still useful if the product doesn’t need anymore.

Aside from what I named bamboo as the tree of everything, bamboo is also touted as the green steel. Bamboos are tensile, but it is durable compared to plastics that are brittle and easy to turn into pieces.

Producing bamboo products can give more opportunities and job to the society because its source is just everywhere, and its labor process can be a job of everyone.

Bamboo vs chemical materials

We all know that chemicals can harm our environment and us. Bamboo is both responsible for keeping our environment healthy and giving satisfactions to people as it used in making equipment and products.

✓ No destructive processes to our environment when using bamboo for product.

Making bamboo product needs no chemicals, no pesticides, and needs only a small usage of water.

Bamboo is a hundred percent natural and good in our health so there’s no danger using bamboo product unlike product that consist of chemical material that is a number one factor of different disease, incident, and risks.

Bamboos has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, which means they are responsible from keeping away of bacteria and prevents fungal growth that can cause infections.

Chemicals and bamboo have both functions to our air. Chemicals makes our air polluted, toxic, and hazardous which can result to cancer. Bamboo helps in producing oxygen and absorbs a lot of carbon dioxide that stops the increase of greenhouse gas in our environment.

Bamboo vs metal materials

Metal is incredibly strong, but don’t you ever forget that bamboo is known as the green steel. Study and this article shown that bamboo is stronger than metal, and bamboo will surely better than metal.

Bamboo product has such infinite design ideas, you can put any design you want that makes the product more eye-catching and pretty. Metal products need to be molded in order to create a design and that takes several processes unlike bamboo that it’s so easy to put design and display it to your house.

According to study, bamboos are 5,000 times stronger compared to metal since bamboo has an incredible tensile strength that metals don’t have. Bamboo is also eco-friendly, sustainable, and materials are everywhere in construction.

Metallic utensils like pencil conducts heat when placed in hot surface that can cause burn to your skin when cooking. Bamboo doesn’t conduct heat which is good for unlimited stirring boiled food and cooking.

Metal equipment and utensils are kind of expensive that result to the shortage of money to other most important thing. Bamboo equipment are not expensive because the material itself is affordable, with bamboos, you can buy as much bamboo equipment as you want with the same budget compared on the fewer metal equipment you can buy.

Bamboo materials are renewable, aside from being eco-friendly, they grow faster that helps us to have more bamboo resources that we can use again for our product.


Bamboo considered as the most functional natural material because of its peculiar qualities. Its strength, tensile and strong poles, natural color, short time of growth, and the benefits it can brought to everything in this planet. Bamboo can grow at its full size for only 4 months unlike tress that may take multiple decades to reach its final growth. Hence, bamboos are alternative because of its natural properties, it is renewable, hundred percent biodegradable, recyclable, and biobased material. Bamboo will maintain its strongness for a very long time if we didn’t put any chemical process to it because chemical makes the bamboo to lose it natural strength. Since chemical contains harmful substance, it can also harm people who will use bamboo-made product, so, let us not put any other chemicals in bamboo and let us maintain the natural strength of bamboo.

Bamboo is super sustainable, and it also helps us in keeping our environment healthy. Imagine that even bamboos are being cut off, it can still keep the soil strong and prevents it for erosions. In fact, bamboo can be the world savior due to its ability to protect our planet from the possible chemical harmful effects. Bamboo can be our material for the products that we’re going to make, a material that gives tensile strength that we can use for a long time, bamboo also is our protection to our nature since bamboo is an eco-friendly plant.
Looking back in the future, I think we will need more bamboo trees that we will use to creating everything. Using such a good quality material like bamboo helps in prolonging our different equipment’s life span. In fact, we also have different bamboo-made things in our house, and those bamboo things are older than me like our bamboo floor that last for over a decade.

I hope you learned a lot in this article. My only aspiration in this article is to give you the meaning and elaborate the word everything that bamboo has, and different thing that can be made with bamboo.

Bamboos are really helpful to us and to our environment. Let us all take care of bamboo tress and if possible, let us multiply more and more so that we can use bamboo for more things and equipment that we desire to make. Hopefully, this article prove that bamboo can be everything. It is a tree that is a part of our environment, but it can also be a part of our life and our everyday, and the best thing is it can be everything. For those people who’s planning to use bamboo for their business, don’t hesitate, but take it. Using bamboo makes you grow and go high like on how the way bamboo go up to its final growth.

I can also see the future in bamboo. Definitely, many trends will emerge when all people learn the importance and the good quality it has. Bunch of new items and equipment will be invented and made.

WHY BAMBOO? Because it’s not just the material for everything, it is also the best choice for everything. It is ecofriendly, durable, strong, cheap, worth buying, worth choosing, worth using, environment’s protection, and it is our future.

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Emman Santos

Hello folks! My name is John Emmanuel R. Santos. I’m currently taking my course in Information technology in Mobile App and Web Development on STI College of Balagtas. I like doing stuffs using code and I also love editing different things using editing applications whether it is pictures, animations, or videos. Trying things that I haven’t done before is the greatest thing that I discovered for myself that I’m still doing, and I will do for the rest of my life. Curiosity is such my foundation in life, it helps me to push myself to strive and pursue to think, to know, to plan, and to build.


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